That's Life for Chimurenga,
Pass me the Microphone,
The Showroom

That’s life takes it’s cue from the rich legacy of Radio Ballad audio documentaries created by Ewan McCall, Peggy Seeger and Charles Parker for the BBC from 1958 that combined four elements of sound: songs, instrumental music, sound effects, and the recorded voices of those who are the subjects of the documentary. This work blends an interview with Gail Lewis, musical excerpts by Albert Ayler chosen by Gail, with reflections, mourning songs and ghazals by members of Voice of Domestic Workers during our ESOL classes.
Commissioned by Pass Me the Microphone (Amnaprit Sandhu and Hansi Momodu-Gordon) for the Pan African Space Station Radio Broadcast, Chimurenga's online music radio station and pop-up studio at The Showroom 2015

34 min
Sound work for radio.

With Gail Lewis and Voice of Domestic Workers. Sound mix by Tom Sedgwick.