Everything Worthwhile is Done with Other People:
Amal Khalaf and Rehana Zaman in conversation
Other Cinemas, 2020

Everything Worthwhile is Done with Other People is an in-conversation event with Amal Khalaf and Rehana Zaman. The event takes its cue from a quote by organiser and prison abolitionist Mariame Kaba, in an interview of the same name in Adi Magazine. This interview will sit alongside the conversation as Amal and Rehana discuss their three-year collaboration with a group of Black and POC women affected by the criminal justice system and their attempts to collectively produce a film that speaks to this process. Reflections, methods and dreams, filtered from their individual and shared work will be offered through the discussion.


A reading with Gail Lewis

A performance reading in collaboration with Gail Lewis for Rights to the City a daylong research forum into how artists and activist contest the increasingly privatised and commodified social and public space of our cities.
Echo, a performance reading with Gail Lewis and Rehana Zaman, 2018, documentation from Rights to the City, Serpentine Projects at Conway Hall London, copyright the artist.




Tongues is a publication edited by Rehana Zaman. The collection of writing features Marissa Begonia, Chandra Frank, Laura Guy, Aditi Jaganathan, Shama Khanna, Gail Lewis, Louise Shelley, Ego Ahaiwe Sowinski and an introduction by Ainslie Roddick.

A reverberation of Speaking Nearby, Zaman’s solo exhibition at CCA Glasgow in 2018 this anthology reflects conversations among a group of exceptional artists, writers, curators and activists who have been in dialogue with Zaman since 2013. Critiques of sociality and collaboration, anti-blackness and Brown / women of colour allyship, translation and rescue are thread together by an attendance to the psychic undercurrents of lived experience, whether attempting to make a film collectively or protesting police brutality. Significantly, pleasure is centred as a site of activism. Published in a limited edition run in January 2019.

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Proceeds from the sale of the Tongues PDF are donated to The Voice of Domestic Workers.